À sketch about popular singer & composer V.Dobrynin &quotone of the sweetest & painful memories" of Pushin was Calypso Polikhroni Oh, no. We didn't forget about animals. Let's learn the servival scince from them ¹21[27]
November 6, 1999
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"You Were Born To Excite Imagination" [N.Zababurova] Pushkin met a Greek lady from Kishinev with mythological name Calypso Polikhroni when she was 17 & fell in love with her. She died of tuberculosis at the age of 23. She forever stayed for Pushkin "one of the sweetest & painful memories".
RUSSIAN LANGUAGE: Our new column is devoted to the theory & practice of the Russian language in a broad sense of the word.
At The Ruins Of The Tower Of Babylon [G.Khazagerov] Language & discourse as the circumstances & form of the "national perception of the world". "Might & greatness of the Russian language are proved by the sole fact of it's survival..." More articles by the same author & others are coming…
Law Terms & Their Interpretation [D.Miloslavskaya] "Grant", "refugee", "employee", "state", "union"…What do these words mean in law & in everyday life? This article treats the problem of variations in the perception of terms.
Honey-moon [E.Nevrova] Judging by her own experience, the author dwells on the hardships waiting for the newly-weds after their honey-moon. These hardships are always unexpected, but sometimes easily predictable.
Begging Alms… [E.Nikolayeva] The beggars are around us. There are lots of them. They are different as all the people are. We shouldn't pretend that the problem doesn't exist…
Cheer Up! [N.Sokolova] Animals & the world around us… Unfortunately, their number is decreasing.. We should protect them as a part of the Nature, the environment. But may be we could learn something from them? Perhaps, the survival science.
Vyacheslav Dobrynin [L.Segal] "Don't rub salt into my wounds". We offer you a sketch about popular singer & composer V.Dobrynin (real name - Antonov). He's full of energy & irony, he likes football, Gogol, old films & meeting his friends.
Life & Fate Of The Russian General Anton Ivanovich Denikin [A.Kozlov] For many years facts about the life of general Denikin have been concealed or deliberately twisted. A well-known historian reconstructs a real portrait of general Denikin in his thorough research, based on the now-accessible information from the former Soviet archives. Today we offer you the first part of the article.
"I Won't Give It Up To Anybody!" [T.Bondareva] A story by the staff member of the Scientific Library of the Rostov State University featuring facts from the life of Erasmus Desiderius (of Rotterdam) & exhibition devoted to his works, where one can see the book "De Civilitate Morum" with his own eyes. By the way, not so long ago we celebrated his 530th anniversary …
Methods Of Psycho-energetic Autoregulation & Self-development [A.Khaikin, N.Sherstennikov] Can one explore oneself, develop one's abilities, learn to control processes in one's organism & cure oneself from grave diseases? Psychologists - authors of this article - believe that this is quite possible. One only needs to know the methods.
Prospects Of The Internet-advertisement Market Development [4] [A.Shylga] The last part of the research of Internet-advertisement. Some words about prospects of Internet-advertisement. Don't miss the glossary of Internet advertisement terms, which may prove useful, especially for the beginners on the Net.
News From The World Of Computer Technologies [17] H-1B, missing 285 thousand programmers. The first space hotel. Map of the cyberspace. Save time on the information.
Ascent Of Genghis Khan & Invasion To The Northern China [C.C.Walker] In our previous issue we've published the author's & the translator's prefaces to C.C.Walker's book "Genghis Khan", translated by A.I.Bogomolov, & today we offer you a chapter from it.Originally it was the second chapter about the Genghis Khan's conquest of China. We hope that you'll find something new & interesting here.
Panorama Of The Yagorlyk Battle
The Fifth Commandment [L.Reznitsky]
A mathematician, working at the research institute, hasn't become a professional writer yet, but he's on the way… We consider him a good story-teller. Let's give him a try.
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¹21 [27]
November 6, 1999

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