The article analyzes one Russian & one English version of the same poem by Joseph Brodsky Koran & its editions in the Scientific Library of Rostov State University The second part of the essay, reconstructing a real portrait of general Denikin. Culmination & end of the general's career, life in emigration, etc.. ¹22[28]
November 21, 1999
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Talented Children & Their Education [B.Volfson] Possible approaches to education of talented children, integrating curricular & extracurricular activities... Click here for the summary. For full article see our Russian version.
Magister Ludi: Word Play in Vladimir Nabokov's Prose in the Light of a Theory of Puns [A.Luxemburg, G.Rakhimkulova] We have published a number of articles by A.Luxemburg, devoted to different aspects of V.Nabokov's art, in our Russian version. Today we are proud to offer you a breakthrough article in English, outlining the role of word play in Vladimir Nabokov's prose, its functions, levels & techniques in the light of theory of puns.
"Your Spring Is Quiet & Tender…" (Adel Davydova) [N.Zababurova] In our Russian edition we have been publishing abstracts from the book "The Science Of Tender Passion"(A.S.Pushkin's Amorous Poetry & Its Addressees) by N.Zababurova, professor of Rostov State University, Head of the Chair of Foreign Literature. N.Zababurova is the author of a number of publications & several books about Pushkin's life & art. The book is arranged as a series of essays about the addresses of his amorous poetry. There a reader will find information both about well-known Pushkin's muses (E.Bakunina, E.Vorontsova, K.Sobanskaya, A.Riznich, K.Polikhroni, A.Zakrevskaya, A.Kern, A.Olenina, E.Ushakova & others) and his flying passions. All 30 essays are organized chronologically, each contains lyrics, detailed information about the addressee, biographical & literary comments, results of the author's research. Other features of the book include vast bibliography & a great number of illustrations - Pushkin's drawings & portraits of his contemporaries.
The book hasn't been published in paper yet, so REG readers have a unique opportunity… In this issue you will find a story about Adel Davydova. November 1820… Pushkin's Kishinev exile… The article is available in Russian only.
Scythian vocabulary [G.Khazagerov] Language is the most reliable witness of the situation in the society & changes in it. The author analyzes the most important concepts, realized in the key-words of the Soviet totalitarian state: "Leader", "American way of life", "brother nations", "new life", etc.. The article is illustrated by a unique vocabulary of the words & concepts of the given epoch... We offer you a summary of the introductory part & translation of one vocabulary entry called "The American Way Of Life".
Autotranslation As A Specific Variety Of Poetical Transversion [S.Nikolayev] Some bilingual authors, dissatisfied with the quality of existing translations of their works, resort to literary translation themselves. This results in the phenomenon of autotranslation. The article analyzes one Russian & one English version of the same poem by Joseph Brodsky, juxtaposing them to each other, collating the linguistic units from various standpoints & revealing the methodology of translation, used by Brodsky himself. The article should be of interest for both literary critic, translation theorist, and those, who intend to translate Russian poetry in general.
How to get a baby
Bad habbits of our businessmen [E.Nevrova]
Two articles by journalist Elena Nevrova, published in this column, treat the commonest problems of young people. Finance. They would like to have children, but can they afford it? Smoking. Where do teenagers buy cigarettes? Why do adults sell cigarettes to them? For these articles see our Russian version.
The Capital Evening in the "Capital" Club [V.Kovalevskaya] A seminar, organized by model agency "Image" was held in the club "Capital" (Novocherkassk) on October 6th, 1999.
New Internet Center in Rostov [A.Garmatin] New Internet Center is opened in Rostov on November 15th, 1999.
Andrey Makarevich [L.Segal] Another sketch by Larisa Segal, a journalist from Izhevsk, is about Andrey Makarevich, a popular singer & the leader of the legendary group "Mashina Vremeni" ("Time Machine"). Although official Soviet press had predicted that the group wouldn't last long, "Mashina Vremeni" has existed for more than thirty years. Apart from singing, Anderey Makarevich likes travelling, scuba-diving, cooking & collecting signboards.
Life & Fate Of The Russian General Anton Ivanovich Denikin [A.Kozlov] In our Russian version you will find the second part of the essay, reconstructing a real portrait of general Denikin. Culmination & end of the general's career, life in emigration, etc..
Koran & its editions in the Scientific Library of Rostov State University [T.Bondareva] Our correspondent tells you about the unique editions of the holy book in the Scientific Library of Rostov State University & dwells upon its history & difficulties of its interpretstion & translation.
Popular medical remedies
If you have a droplet blood pressure [G.Bagdykov]
Further recommendations by doctor G. Bagdykov: how to fight hypotension. Some old recipes against flu.
E-mail Safety [A.Shylga] This article (available only in our Russian version) will help you to avoid different unpleasant surprises on the Net & to ensure safety of your e-mail.
News From The World Of Computer Technologies [18] A printer and $50 for a divorce. A new law for autographs via Internet. Cyberboard for musicians and etc..
Genghis Khan [C.C.Walker] In our Russian version you will find the fifth & the last chapter (abridged) from this book translated by A.Bogomolov.
I'm Writing Hymn To My Happiness [M.Bushuyev] Several sketches by a third-year student of Rostov State University Mikhail Bushuyev. Although the form is rather unusual, we haven't changed anything. See our Russian version.
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November 21, 1999

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