Everyday life in Rostov region Portrait of  Martiros Saryan by Timophey Teryaev Blindfold experiments Alexandra Smirnova (Rosset)  - one of Pushkin's muses
Alexandra Smirnova (Rosset) in Pushkin's life & poetry [N.Zababurova]

Another essay from the book by N.Zababurova features a story about Alexandra Smirnova (Rosset). Background Information: In our Russian edition we have published more than 25 abstracts from the book "The Science Of Tender Passion (A.S.Pushkin's Amorous Poetry & Its Addressees)" by N.Zababurova, professor of Rostov State University, Head of the Chair of Foreign Literature. N.Zababurova is the author of a number of publications & several books about Pushkin's life & art. The book is arranged as a series of essays devoted to the addresses of his amorous poetry. There a reader will find information both about well-known Pushkin's muses (E.Bakunina, E.Vorontsova, K.Sobanskaya, A.Riznich, K.Polikhroni, A.Zakrevskaya, A.Kern, A.Olenina, E.Ushakova & others) and his flying passions. All 30 essays are organized chronologically, each contains lyrics, detailed information about the addressee, biographical & literary comments, results of the author's research. Other features of the book include vast bibliography & a great number of illustrations - Pushkin's drawings & portraits of his contemporaries. The book hasn't been published in paper yet, so REG readers have a unique opportunity…

School without stresses [N.Luzhnyak]

An article by a university student deals with stresses in the process of secondary education and marks as a principal cause of stress in particular. Can these stresses be fought by abandoning marks at all?

Can drug-addiction be stopped? [V.Vasyutina, N.Luzhnyak]

The authors dwell on the problem of drug-addiction growth & the experience in treating drug-addiction in one of Rostov hospitals.

Alcohol & drugs in the society life: figures & facts [I.Kilinch]

Recent statistics about drug and alcohol addiction by Turkish journalist.

Parting the serfdom. (To the 140th anniversary of peasant reform in Russia) Part 4. [V.Litvinenko]

The forth part of a factographic survey of history of peasant reform (1861-1864) in Rostov region.

World records blindfold [Ye.Dubrovskaya]
A blindfold roller [Ye.Ryzhkova]

Two stories about Denis Savkin, an 18-year-old Rostovite, who possesses a unique gift. His two records are in the Guinness Record Book, the third is coming.

Everyday life in Rostov province [A.Skrynnikova]

A sketch of everyday life in one remote village in Rostov region.

Firework at the "Lokomotiv" [A.Skrynnikova]

Description of celebrations of the Day of the Railway Worker in Rostov.

Americans are studying Russian & going on tours [Yu.Manukyan]

A picture of life in Rostov of the American Students, taking summer Russian language courses at Rostov State University.

Russian idiomatics as an element of Joseph Brodsky's poetical language (stylistic aspect) [S.Nikolayev]

A research of Joseph Brodsky's stylistics by an assistant professor of Rostov State University.

Ethical problems of investigative journalism [L.Chilikina]

Theoretical approach to investigative journalism & it's ethical principles.

Biological purification of the Temernik [Sh.Chagayev]

The author puts forward a method of biological purification of the Temernik, a river which has served as city's sewage for 250 years.

Internet Press review. E-zine "Polyarnaya Zvezda" [A.Kobets]

A magazine "Polyarnaya Zvezda" ceased to be published in paper and was transformed into ezine. A review by the student of the Department of Journalism at Rostov State University.

ZDNet Express reports... [12]

China forms Internet police. Internet is a paradise for crooks. Germany abolishes heil-hitler domain. Microsoft is getting ready for wireless web. US loosens limits for export of high-techs.. Scientists revealed Internet weakness. Stephen King abandons paper publishing.

News of the world of Computer technologies [31] [A.Tselich]

What city in future looks like? Los Angeles by the end of 2002. Cyber cyborgs - instruments of war.

Is it worth it? [V.Vasyutina, N.Luzhnyak]

Is losing or putting on weight worth the effort? Should one try to change his or her appearance?

Smoking: pros and contras [A.Kozlitina]

The author ponders on the phenomenon of smoking. People know that smoking is harmful, then why do they smoke? Is it possible to give up smoking?

Adventures of pilot Pirks [7] An accident [S.Lem]

The seventh story about the adventures of pilot Pirks in V.Molyakov's translation.

Because I love [V.Shustova]


News №№32,33

Digest of local news, published in Rostovsky Courier.

He never betrayed himself [N.Borovskaya]

A sketch about Timofey Teryaev, one of Martiros Saryan's disciples & presentation of his works.

Games that are played by the producers [A.Kolobova]

Review of the repertoire of Rostov theatres.

Sketches [A.Khavchin]

Some sketches from a writer's notebook.

Poems [V.Ryltsov]


D.Logunov. Internet-studio "Cursor" informs


Ruslan. Music is cool!


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